Ceramic dental veneer

Before considering an aesthetic treatment, it is important to define the patient’s discomforts and expectations. Following the clinical and radiological examination, it is then possible to make a provisional assembly from a cast to define the result to be obtained.

A dental veneer is a thin all-ceramic chip that is bonded to the outer surface of the teeth. It allows to dress the teeth judged unsightly by their shape, their position, and to correct their color and their aspect of surface.

The dental veneer is made in the laboratory. Once the work to be done is defined, the practitioner may or may not have to make a minimum size of the teeth. Then an impression is taken and temporary teeth are made and fitted to the teeth.

Within almost a week, the veneers are ready and can be placed and bonded during this second session.

Thus the dental practice proposes the realization of :

  • Classic ceramic veneers that require an initial preparation of the tooth (more or less important cutting). They are indicated in cases where the teeth have already undergone a cavity treatment with composite or their position on the arch is too offset from the other teeth.
  • Pellicular veneers …