Pellicular dental veneer

The important progress made by our profession allowsDr. Maraqa, dental surgeons in CANNES, to accompany you on a daily basis for good dental hygiene, perfectly adapted care with the permanent concern of the best dental aesthetics.

Thus, the office offers the installation of pellicular veneers which allow to correct :

  • unsightly smiles
  • stained, yellowed or cracked teeth
  • a slight misalignment

No anesthesia, the treatment is painless. The teeth are not cut.
These veneers are custom-made from a patented ceramic that maintains its brilliance and integrity over time (20 years).

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Each patient is unique and a personalized project (treatment plan) will be established.

Remember, prevention is key!

Thus the dental practice proposes the realization of :

  • Classic ceramic veneers that require an initial preparation of the tooth (more or less important cutting). They are indicated in cases where the teeth have already undergone a cavity treatment with composite or their position on the arch is too offset from the other teeth.
  • Pellicular veneers …