Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a process that lightens the enamel of a tooth using a bleaching solution (carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide). This solution put in prolonged contact with a tooth ‘breaks’ the pigments that have formed over the years.

Tooth whitening allows you to gain up to 2 shades through an outpatient treatment (at home) via custom-made trays. It is possible to repeat the procedure depending on the desired lightening and the starting shade. The treatment is painless and safe. The results are immediate and spectacular.

The color of a tooth is defined by the color of the dentin (yellowish) which can be seen through the enamel (translucent).

Several factors can lead to tooth staining:

Heredity: natural coloring or aging of the teeth.
Taking certain medications such as tetracyclines.
Certain lifestyle habits such as the consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, wine etc. ….

To show your happiness, your beauty or your success, nothing is better than a young and bright smile.

Thus, to influence the shade of your teeth and make you recover the brightness and youthfulness of your smile, there are effective and safe procedures.