Pre-implant examination

In cases of complete toothlessness, traditional mobile prostheses are a solution that has generally met with limited success. Often painful, inappropriate and embarrassing, these dentures can make chewing difficult, preventing you from eating many of the foods you once enjoyed. The taste is also disturbed.
There are many modern tooth replacement solutions based on dental implants.

Do not hesitate to contact our team to study together the best solution for your comfort and your smile.

Stabilized removable supra-implant prosthesis

It is a conventional prosthesis attached by snaps to two, three or four dental implants.
This solution offers an excellent quality/cost ratio. In addition, in some cases, your current denture can be modified to fit the implants.

With confidence, you can talk, smile and chew a wide variety of foods. You will no longer need glue to fix your prosthesis.

Oral hygiene is very simple:
Implants are easily accessible with a toothbrush
Prostheses are removed for maintenance

Fixed full bridges

It is an irremovable restoration screwed or cemented onto four to eight implants depending on your case.
These implant-supported full bridges offer the greatest chewing strength, taste preservation, confidence and esthetics. In addition, this solution preserves the bone.

However, rigorous hygiene is imperative with the use of interdental brushes and/or a dental jet; implants are often difficult to access for oral hygiene.

A whole new pleasure

You can now fully enjoy your new tooth. All the essential functions are again present: the aesthetics of the smile, the masticatory function and the maintenance of the facial features.

Biting the bullet makes sense again.