Laser dentistry

LASER-assisted medical periodontics (gum treatment: loosening of teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis, surfacing, etc.) as well as cosmetic dentistry (smile enhancement: teeth whitening, installation of dental veneers and all-ceramic dental crowns) are at the heart of his concerns.

Doctors Maraqa has the permanent concern to improve its competences by trainings which take into account the technological and medical progress.
For this purpose, she has equipped her practice with a recent innovation: the Erbium YAG LASER.

The ErYAG LASER allows :

  • decontamination of the root canal system of devitalized teeth
  • cleaning of pathogenic sites after a dental extraction
  • treatment of periodontal pockets and peri-implantitis
  • removal of orthodontic veneers or brackets
  • microsurgery

The ErYAG LASER is the most suitable laser for dentistry. It has a very precise selective action on soft tissues and in very restricted spaces in contact with hard tissues and without thermal effect.

The energy delivered by the beam is perfectly absorbed by the hydrated tissues (gums) and those charged with hydroxy apatite (tooth, bone).