Pre-implant examination

Our team will establish with you a general clinical and oral assessment, in order to verify the absence of pathology indicating the installation of implants.
A 3D X-ray (cone beam) will be systematically performed at the dental practice.
A prosthetic or surgical treatment plan as well as a detailed estimate will be given to you after this examination or during a subsequent appointment.

Placement of dental implants

The placement is done under local anesthesia and when possible a temporary tooth is placed.
The osseointegration time (implant healing) varies from two to six months depending on the technique used.

Placement of a ceramic bridge on implants

After the osseointegration period, an all-ceramic bridge will be made in two or three appointments.

A whole new pleasure

You can now fully enjoy your new tooth. All the essential functions are again present: the aesthetics of the smile, the masticatory function and the maintenance of the facial features.

Biting the bullet makes sense again.